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Paltalk Partners With Radio Host Anthony Cumia to Provide Subscribers With an Interactive Talk Show Experience

27 Oct 2014

Cumia's New Show on the Group Video Chat Community Allows Subscribers to Interact With Both the Host and One Another via Real-Time Chat NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - October 27, 2014) - Anthony Cumia, popular talk radio personality, has announced the launch of his partnership with group video chat platform, Paltalk ( Subscribers to The Anthony Cumia Show will receive exclusive access to live chats on Paltalk in which Cumia will interact with fans in real-time, broadcast exclusive behind-the-scenes content and feature fans on-air during the show. The partnership between Paltalk and Cumia not only conveys the outspoken host's extremely loyal following but also...
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INSTANT MBA: You Need 3 Things When You Start A Business

13 Dec 2012

Melissa Stanger December 13, 2012 Today's advice comes from our interview with Jason Katz, CEO of the video chat, group conference and messaging platform Paltalk:"There are really three things you need when you start a company. The first thing is you have the idea for whatever the company's going to do. The second one is money, because you have to have assets to carry out whatever the mission is. And then third, you need the people, assuming that you yourself can't do all of those things and generally you can't."Katz attributes the success of his company Paltalk, which has been...
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Is Paltalk the alternative to Yahoo chat rooms?

10 Dec 2012

According to Paltalk, some Yahoo groups have already relocated to the Paltalk community --  by Pankaj Maru -- MUMBAI, INDIA: While Yahoo's December 14 deadline to shut messenger public chat rooms features comes near, the global Internet company is facing criticism and rage from millions of users globally. However, it seems like Paltalk - a platform for audio-video based communities - is likely to make most out of this situation.''We have already begun to see some Yahoo groups relocate to the Paltalk community in the past few days. We would welcome working directly with Yahoo to help them with this...
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