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In Touch Weekly's Guest Alison Lang

17 Nov 2011

Stylist to the stars, Alison Lang, was the guest on Dorothy Cascerceri's In Touch Weekly show on

Alison says, ironically, her training as a psychology major has been "very helpful" in her career.

"I like to call myself a fashionable therapist," she says, having to cut dress sizes out and replace them with smaller sizes before some celebrities will put them on.

Alison was the chief stylist for years at MTV - now she's on her own - still styling for the stars - all the time. "It's all so much fun for me. I was fortunately enough to find a position that turned out to be fun."

How does one get started? Intern and work for free. It's a great way, she says, to get your foot in the door.

Dorothy dished out the latest on Angelina and Brad. This week's issue of In Touch Weekly reveals that Angelina caught Brad looking at sexy photos on line of his sexy co-star in World War Z and went into a rage. Perhaps she's worried that history will repeat itself and Brad will be stolen away by a co-star. Again.

Dorothy's celebrity product of the week: Joer Luminizing Moisture Tint "It is so smooth on your skin, it doesn't feel heavy it doesn't feel caked on." Dorothy says.

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