Paltalk v9.9 beta! **Updated** Build361

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Paltalk 9.9 Beta!

>> Click Here To Download Paltalk 9.9 Beta <<


When creating version 9.9 we concentrated on 2 main areas - Video, and Accessibility:

·        Video: Paltalk always strives to offer the best video quality on the internet. With 9.9, we've optimized our video streams and made them faster, clearer and better! Plus, we added new layouts for the SuperIM windows to make them more video focused.

·        Accessibility: Here at Paltalk we believe our members should be able to video chat (SuperIM) with anyone, anywhere, instantly! With the new SuperIM URL feature, video chatting with your friends who are not Paltalk members is easy. Simply pass your SuperIM URL to your friends and 2 clicks later (no downloads by the way) they are video chatting with you!



Paltalk 9.9 includes the following new and exciting features:


  • SuperIM URLs - personalized links that allow video chat anywhere on the Web with any friend, regardless of whether they are a Paltalk member. SuperIM URLs are extensions of For the first 2 weeks after release, paid subscribers will be able to choose to customize their SuperIM URL with something other than their nickname. Custom vanity SuperIM URLs look like this: After the first 2 weeks, all users will be able to customize their SuperIM URLs.
  • Facebook Chat Integration - ability to IM with Facebook friends directly from Paltalk
  • Paltalk Mobile Support - IM-based mobile support for the BlackBerry
  • Video-Centric Look and Feel for SuperIM - We have added a new "picture-in-picture" layout with four times more space allotted to webcam video


  • Friends Feed in SideKick - new SideKick Tab shows status updates of Paltalk profile friends' activity
  • High Resolution Video & High Fidelity Audio--up to 20 frames/sec with improved resolution and a richer, more enhanced audio experience
  • Windows 7 Certification - the first video chat provider certified as "Compatible with Windows 7" - the Paltalk platform was first certified on October 7, 2009
  • Three new funky sets of emoticons (smileys)

  • We hope you enjoy the new features!

    **Update** Build 361Changes/Fixes:

  • Bug: Windows 7 maximize height on a IM

  • Bug: SuperIM display picture logic is broken, DP's are going missing.

  • Bug: Disable start webcam button when member is offline.

  • Bug: Tooltip on SuperIM filmstrip layout not behaving correctly on XP.

  • Bug: Tooltip on Picture in picture Small layout not behaving correctly on XP

  • Bug: IM window title should read "[user] (offline)" when mobile users goes offline.

  • Bug: Show others the room I'm in feature is showing blank room name when not currenty in a chat room, should show nothing.

  • Change: Added Shoutcast Graphic to Shoutcast Room header.

  • Bug: inter-op FB icon is missing

  • Bug: Nickname shows more than once on Pal list

  • Bug: inter-op Start a SuperIM option broken

  • Bug: Presentation mode in a room had painting issues when resizing.

  • Bug: "Show in separate window" menu item not working

  • Bug: Swap Viewer to Large option not working in SIM.

  • Change: Change to hand icon, and add tooltip to Self view window in SuperIM

  • Change: show mobile msg at start of IM with a member logged on via Mobile client that informs some feature's may not be avail.

  • Bug: Inter-op: Clicking on "Start a SuperIM to audio/video chat",in IM to a FB pal, does nothing, should invite FB pal to SuperIM.

  • Change: add shoutcast catg and ShoutCast rooms to rooms browser.

  • Change:: Add Shoutcast Graphic to Shoutcast Room header

  • Bug: wrong menu item is shown when you want to unblock a mobile user

  • Bug: disable features not applicable to mobile clinets in the actions menu in IM window with a Mobile member.

  • Bug: SuperIM menu shows Start webcam when it's already on

  • Bug: Nickname remains stay in IM catcher after SIM is closed

  • Change: Members logged on via Mobile client's should not show in room invite dialogs, as room chat is not implemented in Mobile yet.

  • Bug: IM Catcher shows incorrect number of open IM's

  • Bug: Nickname stays in IM catcher after IM is closed